First post :)


So I’ve decided to start a testing blog to share thoughts about different types of testing (or maybe sometimes have a moan!) and how to go about testing in general.

My background

I’ve been in the testing/QA world since July 2011 and graduated this year with a degree in Computer Science. I have worked at these places

  1. Velti (company has gone down..) –  this was an agency that was focused on delivering android/iOS apps to clients such as o2, Vodafone and PlayStation. I also worked on the Panasonic In flight entertainment system application (not sure if this went live in the end) which was pretty cool. The testing here was all manual and using the waterfall approach
  2. Masabi – a mobile ticketing specialist. I worked within the team that delivered android/iOS applications to clients in the US such as NICE, MBTA and MTS transportation authorities. This is where I began doing test automation and learning about agile. I worked with Java, Selenium WebDriver, JavaScript, Angular/Protractor for e2e testing.
  3. Sagepay – A payment service provider. Pretty much focused on test automation and continuous delivery, little manual testing. The system is built using microservices so there is definitely been a change in my approach to testing – will discuss this in other blog posts

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